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How does the Challenge Work?

Whether you’re preparing to submit your script to a screenplay contest, agent, or producer, it needs to be in tip-top shape. You need a fresh pair of eyes to give you objective and professional feedback but your friends have probably seen the script one too many times by now. And you would rather use your carefully budgeted money to pay for the contest fee rather than full blown script coverage. That’s where the Slush Pile Challenge comes in.

Step #1: Submit Your First Ten Pages

1. For a small $5 (USD) donation you can submit your first ten pages to our virtual slush pile. That’s right, we don’t get paid for this part, donations go to Inside Out Writers a writing program for at-risk youth.

2. The pages will be read with the same rigid standards as they will when you submit to well known screenplay competitions.

This is an affordable way for you to:

    • get feedback on your script’s first impressions without paying for full script coverage,
    • tighten up the first pages of your script, giving you the best chance in a real slush pile
    • AND your money will go to a great cause.

Step #2: Get Your Score

After being reviewed, your first 10 pages will receive a “Pass” (your script is not quite ready) or “Recommend” (your opening pages are in great shape), along with brief notes explaining why the score was given.

If your script receives a “Pass”, you can use the feedback in your next re-write and re-submit to the Slush Pile Challenge as often as you like.

If your script receives a “Recommend” you can move on to step 3

Step #3: Request PWYC Script Coverage

Scripts that pass the Slush Pile Challenge will be invited to submit the full screenplay for “pay-what-you-can” script coverage. That’s right, you can name your own price based on what you can afford*This is optional, you can participate in the Slush Pile Challenge without taking this step.

1. In your feedback email from Step #2 will be a link to the full screenplay submission page.

2. Pay the amount you choose and submit your full screenplay.

3. Our experienced readers will read the full screenplay and provide script coverage in an industry standard format.

Ready for the Slush Pile Challenge?